About Us

Raised at a time of fledgling Television, Wendy’s childhood drew much from books read to her from both her parents and teachers. Remembering, in particular, the times when those very books, bursting with a much loved adventure would be mischievously snapped shut just at the ‘most exciting of moments’ to await the tomorrows….

Throughout Wendy’s schooldays and her life many have commented on her vivid insights, diversity and inspirational gift of imagination.

Wendy went on to marry, became a Mother entertaining her own children, her grandchildren, her little patients in hospital as a Nurse and over the years many others. Now living on the West coast of Ireland she brings these fascinating enlightening children’s stories to a much wider audience.

She welcomes you now into the enchanting world of Woodpecker Wood! Meeting her characters with their equally enchanting and ‘real-life’ adventures.

Irish Enterprise Awards 2020 are pleased to confirm that Tichytale Productions has been awarded:

Most Unique Primary Education Tool 2020